Bird Busters did an effective job on the roofs of our apartment block in Teignmouth town centre. This was a complicated situation invloving roof ridges, light domes and valleys. I write this in the middle of the seagulls nesting period and can confirm that we don't have a problem any longer.
Keith Yelland
Installed extensive seagull netting and spikes after previous deterrents just did not work. Very professional service carried out in an extremely timely and competent manner. A pleasure to deal with a local company offering such a high quality service.
Richard Evans
Bird Busters cleared a nest and then established an excellent defence against the gulls coming back. They also cleaned the gutters and replaced some tiles that the gulls had dislodged. Highly recommend them.
Bill Amaden
Gutter clearing, moss removal, nest removal - excellent fast service with friendly, efficient service.
Natalie Dunn
For the first time in a decade we are free form gulls on our roof and able to awake when we want rather than when they dictated!
Graham Bond
The service I received from Bird Busters was excellent. From my initial phone call to completion Steve was helpful, informative and on time. The work carried out did what it was supposed to do.
Kelvin Bull
Having suffered for many years with the constant swooping from the seagulls that took residence on our property every year, we called birdbusters...who were quick to respond and quick to undertake works. the problem we suffered with for many years has now gone, our house is now seagull free. we are looking forward to enjoying our garden in the summer, not just the winter!! highly recommend this company.
Margaret Malone
Cleared moss from roof and gutters and fitted spikes and wires for my elderly mother. They were very considerate, accommodating and kept me in the loop with email and photographs. They found cost effective solutions to problems encountered. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Nicola Stafford-Watson
Cleaned gutters and fascia boards fitted extra down pipes check flat roofs. Price was very good. Top of our list to have back Good workers get on with the job. Would recommend.
Roy William Edwards