The pigeon is a common bird found across Devon and can be seen in gardens, around our streets and on buildings. Due to the ease of access to a food source, Pigeons have become accustomed to using office blocks, commercial sites, houses and any other building as a place to land and nest.

They are regularly found on window ledges, balconies, roofs and even external air conditioning units.

As well as offering defence systems to prevent pigeons from using a property, we also offer a cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation service to areas that have been affected by bird contamination.

Pigeons pose a different kind of problem than what gulls do, pigeons, when large in number, produce a large amount of guano which when concentrated in one area can cause structural damage to a property and also pose a health and safety risk in many different ways to members of the public.

We offer pigeon defence solutions as well as a pigeon guano clearance and treatment service.

Pigeons will expose the smallest of areas at a property, either to nest or to use as shelter. It is important that when installing a defence system, any vulnerable areas close by are also defended.

Defence system types.

Solar panel defence

Mesh defence

Pigeon spikes

Post & wire

Bird Free Fire gel