Moss Clearance

Many roofs are affected with algae, lichen and moss which damage the tiles and shortens the lifespan of the roof overall. We offer a roof moss removal and treatment service to extend the lifespan of your roof and reduce the risk of your gutters clogging up by moss falling into them. 

We manually clear the moss from the roof slates/tiles. This is then followed with a treatment of biocide which kills off all organic growth which is deep penetrating to the growth on the roof but takes longer to be noticed visually due to the treatment being helped via weathering. Follow up spray applications will ensure that the roof stays moss/algae free for longer. 

Whilst undertaking these works we also check the roof for any obvious signs of repair that need to be undertaken, this is carried out by a qualified roofing contractor who is on site at the time of the treatment. 

The treatment supplied works by killing the micro-organisms which colonise roofs. When the algae and moulds that are living symbiotically with the moss and lichen die, the whole organism dies.